Why Choose a Hyundai Air Conditioner?

by | Aug 21, 2022

Air Conditioners are an essential part of human life. One can hardly cope without good AC in places where the temperature rises. In this case, the Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal win the race easily. This particular AC is the best AC in Nepal.

In the case of Hyundai, there are multiple options from which the customers can choose. One might think, why choose Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal when there is an option to make things work in others? Well, the reasons are many.

  • Customers’ trust

The most significant advantage of any product you purchase in the market is the customers’ trust. Until and unless you can win the customer’s trust, the outcome of all of this won’t be too optimistic. AC price in Nepal is secondary when you win the people’s trust. 

When you look into the Hyundai Ac brands, they are the best in the market. Almost all of their AC is rated five stars by their customers, which is a big boost. In comparison, other AC brands tend to lag.

For example, the LG brand might be a good product, but it hasn’t got the five-star rating that the essential Hyundai AC receives. This tends to separate Hyundai ac from other regular or reputed AC brands.

  • Cooling Capacity

Why do you have a good functioning AC at home? The device’s practical use is to ensure the cooling takes place in the excellent run of form. When you look into the likes of Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal, they are the best in the business with the most remarkable ease. From the comfort of use to longevity.

In all of that, the cooling capacity of Hyundai AC is way better compared to any other brand like Daikin. Daikin Ac tends to do a pretty tough job when we look into their effectiveness. The Hyundai HSE53 is far better compared to the Daikin FTKH35QRV1.

In comparison, the cooling capacity of the Daikin product is 3517 watts, while Hyundai leads the race with 4900 watts of cooling capacity. One might think it is higher consumption of electricity. Well, the Hyundai Air conditioner takes care of that part too.

  • Pricing of the product

Most of the time, the people buying an AC are more related to the budget they have in hand. AC has been one of the most critical aspects of every house. Air conditioner’s price in Nepal is always varying from brand to brand. With global warming taking its toll, individuals are willing to purchase good quality AC that runs for a long time.

But if you are worried about whether to buy Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal or not, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for something budget-friendly, full of advanced features, and capable of lasting long, Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal are the way to go.

Comparatively, the Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal are cheaper. If you look at its price comparison, Hyundai is more affordable by almost Rs 5000 than any other Ac like Diakin or LG. So the customer will always be in the cheerful array.

  • Indoor noise

A good AC is something that tends to keep the environment silent. Until and unless your AC can maintain silence and calming personality, it is not a good product. When you look at the Hyundai air conditioners, they save you from the noise.

For a good AC to fit into a room, you must meet a minimum of 50 dB. In this case, Hyundai air conditioners win the race with 37db of indoor noise. It is far better than many other AC brands like LG and Daikin.

If the AC that fits a particular room tends to make plenty of noise, it is not a good choice. Various people gather in a specific house and the AC making all kinds of noises is not a good deal.

  • Power requirements

There is a myth that having a good quality AC means you will have to pay for the electricity on a higher level. Well, that is not true. The higher power requirements are directly related to the quality of the AC you use in the process. Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal tend to save you money in all aspects.

In summer, ACs are used highly in houses or factories. This can factor in the case of higher power requirements. But Hyundai air conditioners have come through with the right solution to the problem. With Hyundai, mother nature is saved pretty well.

When we compare the Hyundai product with the products like Daikin and LG, there is a chance of saving almost 20 volts most of the time. This selection can help the power to be used on other appliances rather than only in the AC.

  • Wifi-enabled feature

With the modern technologies in the appliances department, Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal have also been able to adapt to them. In the past, when AC was only remote controlled, one thought it was tough to get hold of the product. But the wifi-enabled feature has made Hyundai air conditioners one to look for.

In the present scenario, the wifi in your home gets connected to the AC and tends to operate through it. Meanwhile, the smartphone in your hand could be the one to go for, making your job easier.

You might be in your kitchen and want to turn the ac higher in the living room; the wifi-enabled AC tends to help your case with ease. Such is the service ease and comfort of the product, which is the key. With the highly advanced wifi features attached to Hyundai air conditioners, users shouldn’t worry about the performance.

  • Energy Saving Setting

Earth is going through a crisis of its own. People are searching for ways to save energy and make renewable energy sources which is the key. Energy saving setting that too of the intense level of Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal makes it unique.

You can find the energy-saving feature in the Hyundai air conditioners to the maximum level. To be precise, the energy-saving setting is available in most of the ACS. But it is the quality to which the execution can be done.

Hyundai air conditioners tend to shut down the compressor in the AC and the fan once the space has been cooled down. It ultimately goes on to save energy and also protect the environment. Therefore Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal stand way above the line when we talk about it.

  • Size of AC

The most significant yet crucial factor that separates Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal from others is the size of the AC. Most of the time, there are ACs which doesn’t fit the bill. You might have the perfect budget in your bag, but the AC might not suit you.

In all of this comes the ACs from Hyundai, which cover the necessity. If you have a big room buying smaller power ACs can only drive the electricity bill very high. This is not the right choice of the appliance at all.

With Hyundai air conditioners, what you get is the right size of product. If you can’t choose the right size, then Hyundai will help the buyers with the perfect product. Perfect size ACs will allow the room to cool down sufficiently and save the extra electricity. Double benefit for sure.

  • Design of the product

This particular reason why Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal are pretty good can be debatable. A lot of the readers might say that AC should do its function well rather than how it looks. But that is not the case. A good AC should be a go-to in every case with ease.

The design of Hyundai air conditioners compared to other products like Daikin and LG is pretty brilliant. You tend to get the product’s aesthetic design and the variety of colors, making it look pretty good.

Along with that, the translucent plastic front panels in all the Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal are something that tends to work well for the users. Paying such a hefty amount should be worth the durability, effectiveness, and looks all at the same time.


There are plenty of ACs that go around in the market. You might have plenty of options to choose from. But Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal tend to win the bet most of the time. Such a steal deal for the customers to get into their houses.

A lot of the AC might be good in some features compared to Hyundai air conditioners. At the same time, Hyundai air conditioners might be good in other aspects. But when you look into the features, price, quality, and durability of all of the ACS on the market, Hyundai air conditioners tend to win the bet easily.

The ability to give the best after-sales services and a better development return makes it unique. Hyundai air conditioners are the one that tends to provide tough competition to their fellow competitors and also win the race by far. With great compassion and belief, you can purchase Hyundai air conditioners in Nepal.

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