Best Smart tv in Nepal for a large family

by | Sep 20, 2022

Best Smart tv in Nepal for a large family

The popularity of watching movies and series has gone way higher in Nepal. The concept of smart Tv in Nepal has also peaked at a new level. Families have started to roll in when we talk about watching movies. Changing television in Nepal from traditional to smart is the key. With the football world cup coming soon, the smart TV in Nepal can increase.

There is a variety of brands when we talk about TV. Along with the combination of brands in Nepal, the best smart TV in Nepal is hard to determine. Every brand has its quality and price, which can choose the purchase of the product. But when you talk about the Hyundai smart TV in Nepal, they are the best.

With the variety in the product, there is frameless TV from Hyundai, which can easily win the vote of confidence. Looking into the different Hyundai smart TV in Nepal, the list goes:

Hyundai 24″ Smart  Tv

Without a doubt, Hyundai 24″ HYWGRK7 is one of the top smart TV in Nepal. It is budget-friendly and can provide a crystal clear outlook for a medium-sized family. With the presence of great resolution, the viewing quality is the best. It has a resolution of 1280*720.

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Additionally regarded as one of the best panel types, the end result is a sharp, in-depth, and detailed image. This real-life experience is easily attainable on a 24″ display with a skinny bezel.

Besides this, the TV contains HDMI and USB 2.0 which can further enrich the TV-watching experience. Talking about the current market value for the TV ranges from Rs 26,000 to Rs 30,000.


  • Presence of three years warranty card.
  • Smart volume in the TV makes it easier to use.
  • It has a child lock system that allows controlling your child’s screen time and format.

Hyundai 32″ HD Smart LED TV

The list of the best smart TV in Nepal starts with the most futuristic design. We are talking about the Hyundai 32″ HD Ready LED TV. It has got the most authentic look along with the price effective tv in Nepal, best smart tv in Nepal

Even though this device might not be the biggest but indeed meets the need of a particular group of people, with the LED screen along with the HD-ready resolution, one can say that the device comes through well for medium-budget families.

When you look at the Hyundai 32″ HD ready TV, there is the presence o 1366*768 pixels of display with a 178-degree viewing angle. This is always for the pictures to stay together and provide a good viewing experience.

Furthermore, the TV’s weight is 3.95 kg which is pretty heavy when we talk about it. Meanwhile, the 60w input power of the device allows you to run the Tv for a long time without heating issues.


  • Dual speakers with 16w speaker output
  • 178-degree viewing angle along with 1366*768 pixels to keep the picture quality connected
  • LED screen along with 32-inch display for a better outlook.
  • Presence of 2 HDMI ports along with 2 USB ports and one headphone port

Hyundai 43″ Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hyundai 43″ Ultra HD LED smart Tv in Nepal is the way to go. Even though the size of the TV is smaller, you have to agree that the features provided by it stand world-class. Meanwhile, you can have the best vision with the 4K Ultra HD display.

best smart tv in Nepal, tv price in nepal

The presence of 3840*2160 pixels means that the picture will be more detailed and clear to the viewers. There are three HDMI cables along with the Wi-fi and 2 USB ports allowing for better connectivity.

Most of the time, the users of this particular smart TV in Nepal go for the product for the sake of watching movies and series. Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar are often streamed when we talk about app streaming.

There is also the presence of a 16W speaker with Dolby audio that provides the user with beautiful surround sound while watching your favorite movie, game, or TV show.


  • Presence of a 4k Ultra HD display for a visually stunning cinematic experience.
  • Allows for 16W Dolby audio which provides a theatre-like set up right in your comfort zone.
  • Suave voice assistant allows you to use your voice in order to find the movies, TV shows, News, etc., to watch on TV.
  • Magic Remote in the device allows for easy control of the smart TV.
  • This 43″ smart Tv in Nepal has the ThinQ AI advantage, which allows streaming the content anytime you like.

Hyundai 55-Inch Tv in Nepal with Frameless Screen

In the case of smart TV in Nepal Hyundai, 55-inch Frameless LED TV is the right choice for you. With the frameless model that comes with the product, the sleek outlook can make the buyer fall in love with it55-inch tv in Nepal

With the presence of Ultra High Definition on the TV, you can get the best views with the device. The screen size of this TV is 55 inches, equal to 122.8cms.

As the sporting season comes for football lovers, you can enjoy all of the matches on the best smart TV in Nepal. With the device having a speaker output power of 20 watts, you can experience watching games in theatres. This Hyundai 55-inch Tv price in Nepal is also affordable for a larger group.

Many excellent specifications come with the Hyundai 55-inch Frameless LED TVs, like the frameless character, along with the voice remote and air launcher. All in all, this is a modern-day masterpiece when talking about it.


  • UHD Smart Tv
  • Android 10
  • The presence of built-in Bluetooth allows connecting your devices
  • There is the feature of Miracast and E-Share, which makes the device more functional.

Hyundai 65-inch tv in Nepal with Frameless Screen

Hyundai is known to produce the best smart TV in Nepal. They have the customer’s trust, an affordable price, and durability. In the case of 65 inch TV, the cost of 65 inch TV is slightly higher than 55 inches.65-inch tv in Nepal

But the features and facilities of this product are outstanding. With the higher price comes the added benefits of the product. The frameless TV has a weight of around 20 kg which is a tad bit heavier for many.

This particular Smart TV in Nepal has the UHD resolution type, which allows for the movie and sports watching experience with great precision. There is the presence of 3 years warranty on the product. Not only the Dolby sound provides a good experience.

With the better presence of wi-fi and the metallic casing, you can connect any device, allowing you to play different music. There is also an app store for this Smart Tv product.


  • There is the presence of 220W of input power.
  • The screen resolution for this TV is 3840*2160.
  • There is the presence of 4k clarity, which provides better quality video.
  • The presence of an A+ grade panel allows the ambient light reflection to get removed, with the picture quality being detailed, perfect, and pure.
  • UHD provides the HDR gaming experience for game-interested people.


Smart TV in Nepal has been the new way to go. There have been some of the finest TV brands in the country, but Hyundai always wins the race. It is all due to the product’s quality and the after-sales services of Hyundai.

With Hyundai making the best smart television in Nepal, you need to know exactly which one to go for. In the case of frameless smart TV, there is the 55″ along with the 65-inch TV, which tends to provide better results.

As the dimensions of both the product are pretty big, they can cover up to considerable spaces in the room. Meanwhile, the wifi-enabled, along with the Bluetooth features, allows for a better TV viewing experience.

The cricket world cup and the football world cup are right around the corner. In all that, you need to have the best smart TV, which can enrich the house’s value and the TV-watching experience.

Going for the 55-Inch and 65-Inch Tv in Nepal Hyundai smart TV means you will get the UHD feature with 4k quality. In all of this, the bonus, without a doubt, is the Miracast and E-share feature that keeps the buyers of the product highly interested.

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