Things to consider while buying a Washing Machine in Nepal

by | Mar 28, 2022

We are spoiled by choices available in the market when it comes to choosing the right washing machine in Nepal for ourselves. From best washing technology to tub capacity to smart features, there is a lot to choose from. However, this article aims to collate a few things that will help you to choose the right washing machine for yourselves. It has become an indispensable part of the lifestyle in Nepal. There are a lot of factors that will need to be evaluated and compared. Read on to know what those are the main factors that must be considered while buying a washing machine in Nepal.

The capacity of the machine:

The first thing that you should consider when buying a new washing machine in Nepal is the size of the washing machine. There are generally 4 sizes of washing machines available 5kgs, 6kgs, 8kgs, and 10kgs capacity. It is advisable to buy washing machines based on the intended load. For instance, if the number of family members is 5 or less, then the 6kgs machine is sufficient. Also, the washing machine price varies as the capacity increases. However, if you are planning to do a lot of laundry or have a bigger family then it is better to buy a larger machine.

Type of the washing machine in Nepal:

It is important to understand the type before buying a washing machine. The market has evolved and there are many global companies such as Hyundai who have launched their products in the market. Primarily there are two types of washing machines in Nepal :

Semi-automatic washing machines:

Semi-automatic washing machine in Nepal is generally for low use and are priced for entry-level buyers. Most of the machines have two tubs, one for washing and another one for drying. A few of the models come with one tub only. They are called semi-automatic because some of the functionalities such as water management and timer are automatic but other functions are manual. However, it is not as good as Fully Automatic, but it is less costly than fully automatic ones & mostly comes in the top-loading models only.

Fully automatic washing machines:

A fully automatic washing machine in Nepal is a great buy for people who have a busy lifestyle and have no help with household chores. These machines are easy to use and are priced at a slightly higher cost range as compared to semi-automatic washing machines. Nepal’s home appliances market has many types of fully automatic machines available to choose from. After reading this blog you will be wise enough to choose the right one.


Washing machine loading type:

Hyundai washing machine

Identifying the right washing machine loading type is the third thing that must be considered when buying a new one in Nepal. There are primarily two types of loading varieties that are available, front-loading, and top-loading. Both of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Top loading washing machine:

Top Load Washing Machine in Nepal

Top-loading washers are normally more convenient since you don’t need to bend over to load and unload clothes. For older buyers or those with joint issues, top-loading washers typically stand at a perfect height to save lots of the difficulty of bending down. Despite being easier on your back, top-loading washers also can be rougher on clothes, especially if the machine is overloaded.

Top loaders even have other convenient qualities, like the power to add clothes in mid-cycleor maybe right after starting the cycle. Top-loading washers also can collect lint and distribute fabric softener better than front-loading washing machines can. These types of Top Loading washing machines are agitator motor-based and generally are the standard which is available in the Nepal markets. They are compact and come in different power capacities. They are faster in their wash cycles and less expensive. Buy Hyundai top loading Washing Machine in Nepal starting at Rs.52700/- 

Front Loading Washing machine:

Hyundai Front Load Washing Machine in Nepal

Front-loaders are much gentler with clothes. Front-loading washers are typically costlier, but justifiably so. they provide a more quality clean and have a tendency to be more energy and water efficient than top loaders. Front-loading washers use less water and electricity than the typical top-loading washing machine. An efficient front-loading washer can help better sustain our surroundings, These are more advanced. They are stylish looking and come in different sizes according to the tub capacity.

The latest front-loading washing machines in the market come with a host of features such as protective rodent mesh, child lock features, water heating features, wash cycle based on the type of clothes being washed, and much more. The front-loading machines clean better and faster. Buy Hyundai 8 kg Front-loading Washing Machine in Nepal with power-packed features

Washing Machine Features

Features to be consider while while buying washing machine in Nepal

Hyundai Washing Machine Features

All washing machine in Nepal comes with different features. Out of those we are talking about some of the main features that must be known and considered while buying a washing machine in Nepal

The built quality of the washing machine

The build quality of a washer determines how sturdy the washer is and how long it’ll last. you can choose between top-notch, mid-range, and basic build quality. If you would like a sturdy washer that will last a comparatively choose a top-notch model.

If you choose with the top-notch build quality, you consciously choose a washing machine with a long lifespan. When you buy a front-load top-notch washing machine, you can be sure that it will last for years. Washing machines with a top-notch build quality stand out because of their brushless motor, stainless-steel drum, and 3 types of water protection. Thanks to the various security systems, there is little chance that your beautiful wooden floor will suffer water damage.

Energy and water consumption

Thanks to the evolution of technology, the washing machine in Nepal now comes with a host of features such as optimizing the energy and water consumption levels. The manufacturers are now publishing star ratings of their appliances which means, the more stars on the appliance, the more energy-efficient it is going to be in the long run. Front-load washing machines consume less energy and water as compared to top-loading washing machines. Their motors are also optimized to consume lesser energy.

Wash Programs:

Most of the new models come with great automatic wash programs for ease of use. Settings such as how much water to use, what temperature the water should be, and what amount of detergent to be used are bundled and pre-set under different names of ‘wash programs’. These programs are very helpful while washing delicate clothes such as wool, silk, and babywear to name a few.

No need to worry about the immediate removal of stains. With the different wash programs, one can remove stains that are even many days old. Some Washing machine in Nepal has a wash speed of more than 140 rotations per minute and a spin speed up to 1400 rpm, so sit back and enjoy the different quick wash feature. Some of the very common wash programs available are bubble wash, delicate wash, one-touch wash, turbo wash, Quick Wash Feature, etc…


Smart features:

Artificial Intelligence and evolving technology have made all home appliances smarter and faster. These days, washing machine in Nepal comes with a host of smart features that you should be aware of –

  • Auto-restart: In some areas, there could be a problem with continuous electricity supply while the washing program is running. Some of these machines restart automatically from the time they were stopped, saving a lot of water and energy.
  • Spin speed: Most of the machines with preset washing programs come with a spin speed that is suitable for that program. Spin speed determines the amount of electricity that the washing machine will consume and how harsh it will be on the clothes.
  • Water temperature control: Most of the machines these days have this feature. Some semi-automatic machines also have this feature. The temperature control feature will supply water with the right temperature based on the clothes that are being washed and based on the wash program selected.

Safety Features:

Safety is of paramount importance while buying any home appliance. You should ask the salesperson for,

  • protection mesh to save the appliance from rodents
  • child safety features that are available in the model that you have chosen
  • water overflow control mechanism
  • High electricity voltage stabilizer settings

Motor settings and capacity:

The newer models and mostly front-loading machines come with silent motors. The motors generally work without vibration and are able to manage the washing function without much sound disturbance. You should be looking at machines that come with an inverter motor, which is also silent. The motor capacity also determines the washing capacity of the machine. The more powerful the motor is, the cleaner the clothes are. The motor capacity also determines its price, so be very wise on this front.


Exercise caution:

With good money comes great quality. You should be choosing a brand like Hyundai that will not only give you value for money but will also transform your lifestyle. It is advised that you do not fall prey to brands alluring you with cheaper prices and unreal discounts. Dealers offering such types of discounts might be selling refurbished or reconditioned appliances that may not last long.

Warranty and after-sales (Most important):

It is important to understand that the market is flooded with many local brands which are not reliable. You as a consumer should be performing enough research to choose a home appliance brand that gives great value for money, and has a great after-sales service network in case of any repair work. Look on the manufacturer’s website for the service center network, ask the salesperson for warranty details and then make a decision. Great Value for Money:-  Buy Hyundai Washing Machine in Nepal with 10 years warranty.

In conclusion, It is not important which type of machine you choose but it is important to check if the washing machine suits your requirement or not. It is important that you choose a brand that is reliable, credible, and helps you transform your lifestyle. Happy shopping… Hyundai Electronics Nepal #Transformig Lives


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